Saturday, August 18, 2018
The photographer becomes an artist when he achieves the ability to communicate the
world’s truths through his chosen medium.  The photographer must capture the decisive
moment within a mere fraction of a second.  This art is captured in milliseconds, or lost forever.  Few photographers have the artistic talent, technical prowess and dogged determination of Garey Pridham whose masterful work has redefined photographic fine art.


Following in the footsteps of his father, who was a well known master photographer, Garey Pridham opened his first studio in Saint John, NB before relocating to Nova Scotia.  Garey takes pride in his craft, and like a true artist, he will not settle for less than perfection with every portrait. He will listen to understand your interests, goals, locations desired, and any other important information to ensure you will have fun and the confidence that your photographic session will be perfect for you.

Customization for individual needs, and his personal approach are just part of the customer service focus for Garey. With the immense number of photographers, Garey Pridham stands apart with his tremendous experience, accomplishments, and focus on every client.  Garey’s passion is to create lasting images that people will never tire from viewing and will become family heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation to enjoy.

Garey has traveled across North America by request of clients to photograph for commercial clients, as well as families and weddings.  Among the most successful and sought after wedding, portrait, and commercial photographers in Canada, Garey Pridham has received numerous major awards from several national and international competitions.

Garey has received hundreds of awards, in fact too many to list,
however these are just a few:

Top Pictorial Photograph in Canada

Top Industrial Photo in Canada

Top Black and White Portrait in Canada

Top Black and White Portrait in Atlantic Canada

Top Baby Portrait in Atlantic Canada

Top Wedding Photograph in Atlantic Canada

Top Color Commercial Photograph in Atlantic Canada

Top Color Wedding Portrait in Atlantic Canada

Top Color Architectural Photograph in Atlantic Canada



On Location Service Available Across Nova Scotia,
Canada, and North America


Garey Pridham Photographer       
512 Clifton Ave
Windsor, NS  B0N 2T0





Our Clients' Words...
Wedding 2011 - Rachel & Tom Franklin
"Garey, there are no words to express how much gratitude we have for you & everything you did for us on and before our wedding day!" 
Family Portrait 2011 - Lothian Family
"Dave and I love ,love our portraits Not only did you take amazing photos ,you came to our house to help us pick the best images, you framed them and delivered them a head of time and hung them for us. You are the best. We can't believe  all you do for what you charge. Thank you!"

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