Friday, October 19, 2018

Garey Pridham creates wedding photography worthy of the term
“fine art” with his distinctive style, classy approach, and creative sense. 
Masterful control of light, form, and composition makes every wedding photograph
by Garey Pridham a work of art to be treasured forever.  Garey documents a wedding as a
photojournalist artist, capturing and reporting what happens in each moment, telling a story
to be shared for a lifetime.  Experience Garey Pridham’s work and book your date for the peace
of mind…that you will have the very best for your special day.

Sunset Wedding
Outdoor Wedding
Wedding Fun
Wedding Moments
Cute Wedding Moment
Bride Close-up
Bride Magic
Wedding Party
Wedding Fun
Special Moment
Sweet Couple
Bride Moment
Beautiful Moments
Cute Couple
Bride's Day

Our clients' words...
Wedding 2011 - Rachel & Tom Franklin
"Garey, there are no words to express how much gratitude we have for you & everything you did for us on and before our wedding day!" 
Family Portrait 2011 - Lothian Family
"Dave and I love ,love our portraits Not only did you take amazing photos ,you came to our house to help us pick the best images, you framed them and delivered them a head of time and hung them for us. You are the best. We can't believe  all you do for what you charge. Thank you!"

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